Environmental Mission Statement

Saddle Lake Smoke Eaters LP believes that the environment where the company performs work operations must be kept in a condition that is consistent with natural conditions. It is with this mentality that all personnel performing work operations on behalf of the company shall be aware of wildlife dwelling areas and to preserve these areas for future habitat use.

Saddle Lake Smoke Eaters LP will focus on utilizing equipment that creates less harm on the environment. The company will bid to create less emissions via the use of our motor vehicles and all gas-driven units that we employ in our everyday operations. The company will also exceed all manufacturer specifications to make certain that gashouse emissions are mitigated.

Saddle Lake Smoke Eaters LP will strive to revolutionize the wildfire industry way of doing business with utilizing the latest innovative equipment to lessen the environmental impact we produce during company operations. The company will also instill in our personnel that all wildlife areas will be kept intact without interference at any time. Measurement of our success will be clearly evident on the communication from our clients during reclamation and inspection processes. The end result will be the reputation and deployment of our working crews in all facets of wildfire management.

Saddle Lake Smoke Eaters

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